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Introducing our Dual-Layer Custom Name Pendant, an embodiment of durability and distinctive style, meticulously crafted in your choice of 10k or 14k gold. This pendant elevates personalization with its unique dual gold plate design, offering not only a deeper dimension of sophistication but also enhancing its solidity, durability, and weight. Each piece is an artistic expression, featuring your name in a bespoke style that’s both elegant and enduring. Embrace the luxury of a more substantial, resistant piece that’s designed to last, making it a true reflection of strength and individuality.

Name over 6 letter

Size pendants

1.2 In, 1.4 In, 1.6 In, 1.8 In, 2.0 In, 2.2 In, 2.4 In, 2.6 In, 2.8 In, 3.0 In

carat gold

10K, 14K

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